content management

Media Innovations has created a new web-based content management system that allows users to easily design, author and edit large print documents and/or web pages. This CMS greatly improves work-group efficiency and eliminates redundant editing tasks.


Some of the key features of the CMS are:

  • XML based
  • Easy-to-use graphic user interface
  • Simultaneous print and web document production, with a fully-automated final print and web output available during any stage of development
  • Advanced revision and review capabilities
  • Library objects, which allows users to make a change once and have it applied universally (or as defined)
  • Feature-rich, professional-level design capabilities, including high and low resolution image support to accommodate the distinct requirements of print and web applications
  • Multi-column and multi-column-number layouts
  • Dynamic page reference, hyperlink and table of contents creation
  • Sophisticated tracking features for amendment-type documents
  • Scalable to meet changing and expanding needs and requirements